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Project Outline

Every person has a value and a right to be treated with dignity

Barcelona Declaration Project Terms of reference

  • Raising awareness and promoting the Barcelona Declaration among all local authorities in Ireland with a view to the adoption of the Declaration and its implementation by local authorities.
  • Securing adoption of the Declaration by at least 75% of local authorities by the end of 2004.
  • Developing and delivering a programme to local authorities which will enable them to disability-proof their decision making processes and activities in accordance with the principles of the Barcelona Declaration.
  • Issuing guidelines which facilitate local authorities in developing implementation plans for specific pilot actions and projects to give practical application to the Barcelona Declaration principles within the work of the local authority.

What does this mean for local authorities?

  • to provide more favourable conditions, necessary support and resources to promote equal opportunities for inclusion and environmental access for all its citizens
  • to consult with people with disabilities and their advocates
  • to devise a plan of action to design services and structures so they can be used by everyone

Adoption of the Declaration and participation in the Project gives Local Authorities the opportunity.

  • to operate at the political and social cutting edge
  • to lead the way
  • to demonstrate that they can make a difference
  • to make their city, town or village a better place to live in

Disability issues are within the scope of Equality.

The Barcelona Declaration therefore has a significant role to play within a framework of European and Irish initiatives and legislation

The Equality framework and relevant policies in Ireland:

  • Employment Equality Act 1998
  • Part M of the Building Regulations 1999
  • Equal Status Act 2000
  • Programme for Prosperity and Fairness 2000
  • National Action Plan against Poverty and Social Exclusion 2001/2003
  • Employment Action Plan 2002
  • Disability Bill 2002 ?
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