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Energetic action is required. People and their communities have put their trust in their Local Authorities to use their power to remove the barriers that cause intimidation and prevent people from taking part in “normal society”.

The Barcelona Declaration is just right for this situation. Officials and elected representatives may expect to find that they can relate any requests for developments within their community to one or more of its clauses. Equally, advocating organisations should find an umbrella for their requests under its statements.



The Closing Conference of the Barcelona Declaration Project
A Milestone in the development of Social Inclusion!

The Closing conference of the Barcelona Project took place in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, dublin, on Monday 19th April 2004.

The purpose of the conference was to celebrate the adoption of the Barcelona Declaration by the vast majority of Local Authorities in Ireland and to present models of good practice, which have been developed by some local authorities in the implementation of the Barcelona Declaration.

Read more about the closing conference


How the Barcelona Project evolved?

In March of 1995 a European Congress "The City and the Disabled" was hosted in Barcelona. The outcome of the Congress was a manifesto known as the Barcelona Declaration signed by delegates representing many cities and towns in Europe.

In 2001, The National Disability Authority (NDA) was asked by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform to establish a process for the promotion and practical implementation of the Barcelona Declaration involving all local authorities in Ireland. In June 2001, the NDA established a steering committee and issued a public call to tender for the Barcelona Declaration Project.

The Institute for Design and Disability (IDD) successfully tendered for the contract. The IDD team will provide expertise, seminars and guidelines to assist local authorities in the implementation of pilot projects or actions related to the needs of disabled people.

Let us know what actions are being carried out by your local authority to implement the Barcelona Declaration.


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