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European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD)

EIDD was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1993 with support from the EU Commission's HORIZON programme.

EIDD is a non-profit making NGO (Non Government Organisation) and has national networks operating in thirteen countries which create a network to enhance knowledge about barrierfree design and architecture.

As past partner organisation in HELIOS II, EIDD promotes interest in design as a response to environmentally disabling situations and undertakes research, consultancy, awareness training and the dissemination of information. It supports intelligent product technology for barrier free design for all people.

The objectives of the Institute as spelt out in its Constitution are:

  1. promote design as a response to disability
  2. initiate design solutions to meet identified needs
  3. undertake studies of and provide information on the relationship between design and disability


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