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EIDD Annual Conference “Work for All”
Woodlands Hotel, Waterford
May 18TH and 19TH 2006

 The European Institute for Design and Disability held its international two-day conference on “Work for All” in the historic setting of the city of Waterford, Ireland, well-known as a European city leading the way in issues of social inclusion and disability policy.

 Hosted by Waterford City Council, Experts from six European countries shared their knowledge with heads of national and local government, leading industrialists and trade union leaders, pioneers of community development together with people with disabilities, migrant workers and older people.

 Since 1 January 1992, European citizens have been given the right to work in any Member State but the lack of an enabling environment prevents many migrant workers, travellers, people with disabilities, older people and others from exercising this right. With falling employment figures in many European countries giving rise to concern about the growth of the European “Pension Gap”, European communities need to enable processes that will reduce economic and social dependence and increase employment.

 The aims of the conference were to:
•Recognise the wealth of human diversity and talent that is excluded from the workplace and which must be harnessed;
• Explore how Design for All may successfully deal with the social inclusion issues related to work;
• Motivate participants to apply Design for All to their own decision-making processes.

 The concept of disability is expressed as the result of the failure of designers and managers of enabling processes to cater for the interface that people use to operate within the environment. This differs from the traditional view of disability where the focus is on the functional loss which a person experiences and embraces the demise of the many migrant workers who find themselves disabled by the lack of communication and accessible information upon arrival in the host country.

 The conference concluded with the launch of the Waterford Convention 2006. The conference presentations are available for free download by selecting the link to the "Work for All" conference on the Waterford City web site


Travelling Exhibition Design for All - Venues 2003

Limerick, Hunt Museum
Public viewing 12-21 March

Punchestown,Our House
Public viewing 10-13 April

Tullamore, Atrium, County Offices.
Public viewing 22-28 April

Malaga - Technology Exhibition Malaga Palacio de Ferias
(2nd European Conference of Ministers Responsible for Integration Policies for People with Disabilities)
Public viewing 7-8 May

Longford - Atrium, County Council Offices
Public viewing 14-30 May *

Ennis - Urban Council Offices
Public viewing 23 June - 4 July

Wexford - Vocational School
Public viewing 14-24 July *

Portlaoise - Arts Centre
Public viewing 28 July - 7 August

Cork - Vision Centre
Public viewing 11-22 August

Galway - County Hall
Public viewing 1-18 September

Carrick-on-Shannon - Landmark Hotel
Public Viewing 22-26 September*

Kilkenny - Crafts Centre Castle Yard
Public viewing 1-19 October

Monaghan - Arts Centre
November *

OPW - Atrium
December *

Waterford , Venue to be confirmed*

*Dates to be confirmed


Special Olympics, June 2003 Visit Special Oylmpics Website

IDD is assisting the Special Olympics Project Team in preparing for this event.


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