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IDD wins the Ron Mace Award

The Institute for design and Disability received the internationally renowned Ron Mace Award for Leadership in Universal Design in December 2004. The award was presented To IDD as one of 21 Remarkable Individuals And Organizations around the world by Adaptive Environments on the occasion of its Third International Universal Design Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

The official report of the 2004 Ron Mace awards
(This is an Adobe file)

The nomination was made by Elaine Ostroff, joint editor of the "Universal Design Handbook".

Elaine Ostroff's valedictory on IDD
(This is an MS Word document)

The IDD has been campaigning for the application of the principles of Universal Design and Design for All for the past 13 years. The Ron Mace Award gives world recognition to the success of the work of IDD as demonstrated in the remarkable achievements of the Barcelona Project which IDD successfully completed in May 2004. 100 of the 114 local authorities in Ireland have now adopted the Declaration by which each council undertakes to ensure that every aspect of the environment under its control will be made accessible to people with a disability on an equal basis to the rest of the population.


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