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Welcome to the IDD web site

The institute follows the principle that "good design enables bad design disables".

In these pages we have assembled information that will help visitors to the site to understand how "Design for All" is a process for socially inclusive decision-making and removes the barriers that exclude people with disabilities, migrant workers and older people from taking an active part in ordinary life.

We are the Irish experts in "Design For All" and cover "universal design", "Darrier Free Design", and "Inclusive Design" in order to enable an understanding that these approaches emphasise the product that is created and do not deal sufficiently with the design process thatt is critical to the achievement of a truly accessible result.

Achieving a more inclusive society is an equality issue and so we have provided information on some of the legal requirements that must be met under Irish legislation. There is also information on the projects which IDD has carried out, the awards achieved and details of the political campaigns being pursued in the interest of defending the right of people with disabilities and others to be included in all aspects of society.

We have taken the contents of the expired web site of the breakthrough Barcelona Declaration Project into this site for prosperity. Click on the link above to explore the archive.

We would welcome your comments on the material presented in these pages.

 Design for All is an enabling process that can really make a difference


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